Different women have unique reasons to undergo breast reconstruction tattoo treatment. Some are not happy with their areola size, whereas some want to improve nipple color. Many women opt for breast tattoo treatment after mastectomy or breast cancer. Some go for this reconstruction because of their breast size reduction or even due to breast augmentation. Not only this, people may also prefer for breast reconstruction because of the discoloration caused by laser hair removal or surgeries. Whatever be your reason, Paris Faraji promises to fulfill your cosmetic beauty requirements matching with the highest standard. She assures her clients that breast tattoo medical treatment when combine with cutting-edge technology and expert artistic knowledge deliver realistic and satisfactory results.

Nipple and Areola Micro-Pigmentation

Areola or Nipple tattooing, also known as areola micro-pigmentation, is a non-surgical process where 3-D images of nipples and areola are created by using specialized tattoo. The outpatient procedure combines hordes of advanced micro-pigmented techniques for creating beautiful and natural looking breast. The medical tattooing treatment is usually preferred when women experience irregularity in areola shape or color. To add further, 3D nipple tattoo recommended to breast cancer clients as an ideal way of restoring the beautiful breast.

The Consultation and Treatment Process of breast Tattoos

During the consultation process, the permanent make-up artist Paris Faraji tries to understand the clients’ expectation. After weighing factors like areola size, shape, colorings and placement, the artist pre-draw the nipple and areola tattoos and matches the pigment shades to the skin. It goes without saying that the process moves step by step and before initiating each step, she takes the client’s nod.

The process usually takes 2-3 hours and involves multiple sessions. To make sure that the procedure is pain free, the artist use pre-numbing cream and this  creates comfort for first pass. In the second pass of pigmentation, the artist uses numbing solution to make the area absolutely numb and this makes the procedure completely pain free. To make sure that the breast maintains the color and shape. Also The breast area usually becomes slightly red, however after one or two days, along with exfoliation the color fades and breast regains its original color.

After breast medical tattoos treatment, after care products like balm, etc., are given to clients  and they need to use on a regular basis. These products help in lightening the dark color around the breast area. We usually ask clients to come to retouch session at least once. Depending upon the treatment result, we further advise how many retouch sessions are required.

Seek Appointment with Paris Faraji

Paris Faraji is an experienced and accomplished artist who has been performing areola, nipple and breast tattoo for several years. Having both national and international clients, she works in close association with licensed plastic surgeons to offer quality treatment to the clients. Because not every woman is an ideal candidate for breast reconstruction tattoo treatment, thus it is important to discuss your case with the expert tattoo artist.

To know your suitability for the treatment, plan your visit in Paris Faraji ahead of time and book an appointment today!

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