Cleft Lip Micropigmentation

Many people feel it is extremely difficult to live with cleft lip scars, thus they undergo medical tattooing procedure for facing the world with full confidence. Also known as Cleft Lip micro-pigmentation, the treatment aims at balancing the shape of the lips and giving them a fuller appearance in the most natural manner. It is necessary to take micro-pigmentation treatment for the cleft lip from expert and professional permanent make-up artist like Paris Faraji to get desired results. She possesses a professional degree in performing different kinds of medical tattooing procedures as well as years of experience.

Permanent makeup technique also known as semi-permanent make-up and medical tattooing is a revolutionary method used for different kinds of cosmetic enhancements at various body parts like eyebrows, breast, eyeliner and lips. Medically proven safe, it is a cosmetic technique that helps in accentuating the overall beauty of the person in the non-invasive method.

Consultation & Procedure of Cleft Lip Micropigmentation

Before initiating the process, a detailed one-on-one discussion takes place with the clients to understand his expectation from medical tattooing cosmetic procedure. During the discussion, Paris Faraji along with her professional team answers the queries of the clients and chalk out the treatment plan. While designing the new lips onto the client’s skin, factors like facial features, skin tone etc. are considered.

With the help of a medical grade device, pigment is applied into the outmost layer of the skin for reducing the cleft lip’s scar appearance, creating the desired shape of lips and restoring the color. The treatment aims at giving lips more symmetrical shape and natural lip color.

Touch-Up Sessions

Cleft lip micropigmentation is the process, which demands an aftercare and touch-up session.  Thus, immediately after the process, make-up artist advises the clients to follow certain precautions and aftercare guiding instructions. Pigments are not permanent in nature, thus the clients are required to visit to the make-up artist at a regular intervals say after 4 weeks of the touch-up session. For some clients, more than one visits are recommended so that they can get the desired results whereas in for some, 3 visits are mandatory.

Visit Reputed Microblading Training Institute in Dubai, UAE

No matter whether you are looking lip micropigmentation process for concealing the cleft lip or for getting the desired lip symmetry, Paris Faraji is a licensed professional for offering semi-permanent lip tattoo treatments.  She runs her Microblading treatment training institute in Dubai and conducts all treatment there only. To have an initial consultation, book your appointment today!

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