Eyebrows Microblading considered as Permanent Makeup

Eyebrows Microblading is regarded as a semi-permanent tattoo technique used for customizing the eyebrow shape as per a person’s desires. It is completely a bespoke approach that helps people getting the eyebrow shape and color matching to their skin tone. If you are not satisfied with current eyebrow and looking for “perfect look”, your search ends with Paris Faraji. She is a world renowned artist and Permanent Make-up Professional Beautician, who runs eyebrow Microblading clinic and academy in Dubai.  Being a Microblading expert, she has knack of polishing different body parts by natural process of Microblading.

Eyebrows Microblading in Dubai

Microblading helps in getting better, thicker and fuller eyebrows in the most natural manner. The modern technique designs eyebrow architecture by initially manually drawing hair strokes on the surface of the skin. Unlike tattooing, handheld blade helps in drawing fine and natural hair strokes drawn which delicately scratches the skin. It is important to note that no electric gadget used during Microblading process.

Get Bold & Beautiful Eyebrows with painless Method

The biggest advantage with Microblading is its delicate nano size strokes on the outmost layer of epidermis, the client will not feel pain during the treatment, thanks to high quality pre-numbing cream and numbing solution during the treatment. Half an hour after the treatment is done the eyebrows will look slightly darker than the color we picked initially, but it will fade into the chosen color and lighter within 3-7 days. The entire process takes almost 2 hours’ time and after that clients will get defined and beautiful bold brows.

Treatment Method

The treatment comprises of three-stages. At first stage, consultation takes place between client and experienced eyebrow artist, Paris Faraji.  The professional and client will talk in person about the procedure’s steps, expected results, total prices of Microblading eyebrow in Dubai based academy, etc. On the basis of recommendation given by clients, sketch is drawn which can be altered based on the client’s taste. Till the time clients are not satisfied with the look, the temporary tattoo process initiates. The treatment starts with the second visit. After four-six weeks, client need to visit the academy again for a retouch session. The session takes one or two hour time and bring more refined look to a brow.

Microblading Training Course Dubai

The professional tattoo artist, Paris Faraji conducts Microblading training courses in Dubai. Any person, who is interested in learning this unique form of art, can enroll himself and herself in her training classes. The course duration varies from a few weeks to one year. Interested people can choose the course as per their requirements.

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