Permanent Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner is one of the easiest ways to enhance not only beauty of the eyes but face also. However, many females find applying eyeliner on a regular basis is a cumbersome task. Thus, they look for permanent eyeliner treatment in Dubai, UAE. Permanent makeup or eye treatment is much like tattooed makeup due to the similarity of the process. However, the former treatment is actually semi-permanent because pigment deposition takes place in the first layer of the skin only.

Although, anybody can undergo the permanent eyeliner treatment, it is ideal for those people who experience perspiration on a regular basis and for those individuals exposed to moisture like professional swimmers. So, if you are looking for a permanent make-up artist and Microblading professional in UAE, Paris Faraji is the name to rely upon.

Process of Permanent Eyeliner Procedure in UAE, Dubai

The semi-permanent eyeliner treatment aims at adding beauty to the eyes’ contours by eliminating the time used for applying and removing the eyeliner on a regular basis. During the initial process of the treatment, the professionals draw the eyeliner by hand for getting the desired length, thickness and shape. Once the shape and other aspect finalized, application of a topical numbing cream takes place. After 20 minutes of application of the cream, the professionals place pigments into the first layer of the skin with the help of the medical-grade device and cosmetic inks, which are semi-permanent in nature. The process is quite similar to regular body tattooing with the difference in ink quality. The professionals draw fine eyeliner, thick eyeliner or smoky eyeliner as per the clients’ requirements.

Depending upon the kind of thickness and shape of eyeliner, the time and cost of permanent eyeliner vary in Dubai. Usually, the process takes one or two hours to get complete. Since the process takes time, we understand how daunting the task can be, so we take proper rest, ensuring the clients do not get bored. After successfully completing the process, aftercare products and sets of instructions are provided. It is advisable to follow them religiously for getting the expected results. After initial appointment the clients are asked o come for retouch up session in 4 weeks.

Look for Reputed Microblading Artist in UAE, Dubai

The popularity of permanent eyeliner treatment in Dubai is growing at a fast pace as it enhances the overall beauty of the face manifold. Moreover, the result lasts for 3-5 years.after retuch So, if you want to undergo Microblading eyeliner treatment, pay a visit at Paris Faraji’s aedemy. She is one of the best Microblading professionals in Dubai, who is running Microblading Institute also. The institute offers professional Microblading courses to interested people.

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