Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair loss

When the Microblading process introduced to the cosmetic world, people believe it is limited only to the eyebrow and lips. But the fact is it is one of the techniques that helps people with hair loss solution by hiding the scalp’s baldness. Scalp Micropigmentation is an effective treatment combating with thinning hair by realistically replicating hair strands on the hairline area and concealing hair thinning areas of the scalp. It is important to highlight the fact that scalp pigmentation neither treat long hair loss problem nor encourage hair growth.

So, if you want to undergo Scalp Micropigmentation procedure in Dubai, Paris Faraji is the professional to look and rely upon.

Scalp Micropigmentation – How it Works?

Scalp Pigmentation is also known as a temporary tattooing procedure because the results last for a short duration say for 18-24 months. The basic idea behind scalp Pigmentation is creating appearance of fuller hair and concealing those areas of the scalp where hair line recedes. During this procedure, professionals use a handheld device for embedding cosmetic pigments into the outer layer of the skin. With the help of Microblading needles, professionals draw hair-like strokes in hair thinning areas. The hair-like strokes drawn are very fine in nature and gives natural looking results. The created hair strokes blended perfectly with existing hair color to give them thick and lush appearance. Although, both procedure scalp Microblading and scalp micro pigmentation helps in treating hair thinning, the latter process used digital machine instead of handheld device.

The first part of treatment comprises of consultation and initiating the procedure and the second part encompasses touch-ups. Touch-ups are very important to maintain the desired results for long duration.

Is Scalp Pigmentation for Everyone?

Those clients with limited existing hair will experience the best results of scalp pigmentation. The results are less satisfactory in those clients, who have large patches of bald spots. Moreover, people with certain skin conditions like psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema are not recommended the Microblading procedure. In order to check your suitability for Scalp Pigmentation in Dubai, plan your visit at Paris Faraji’s academy today.

Scalp Micropigmentation Training in Dubai UAE

Whether you want to undergo the process of scalp micro pigmentation or want to enroll yourself for scalp micro pigmentation training course, look upon Paris Faraji. She is an experienced permanent makeup tattoo artist, who treat several clients with Microblading cosmetic technology and conducts training also. For knowing the cost of scalp micro pigmentation training course or the procedure, visit to her academy is inevitable

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