Lips Pigmentation or Lips Blushing

If you want to enhance your beauty by having full luscious lips, seek the advanced permanent lip pigmentation or Lips Blushing treatment from Paris Faraji. Being a reputed permanent make-up artist of Dubai, she knows the art of making lips fuller and beautiful with a unique cosmetic procedure of lips pigmentation, quite similar to tattoo in permananet make-up.

Lips Blushing

is one of the most versatile lip enhancement treatments that helps in bringing natural color to the lips matching with a person’s skin tone. It is important to highlight the fact that it is semi-permanent makeup treatment that helps in defining lips by giving the appearance of fuller lips. This treatment is also known as the permanent lip tattoo in Dubai and around the world and it is new to the cosmetic world. It helps in correcting blemishes and irregularities in the lip tone and color.

Lips Color
Lips Pigmentation
Lips blushing

Lips Pigmentation or ( Lips Blush) Procedure

Several permanent make-up artists perform Lips Blush treatment in Dubai, however the results are unbeatable when the procedure performed by Paris Faraji. The semi-permanent makeup technique is a two-step process: initial procedure followed by touch-up session.

Step One – During the initial appointment, the professionals try to understand the client’s expectation with regard to lip color, size and shape. As per the agreed discussion, lip outline is drawn with fine needles and topical numbing cream is applied. After 20 minutes, the professionals inject the pigment with a medical grade device. The entire process usually takes two hour time, so proper care is taken to the clients, which will ensure that the esteemed clients never feel boredom.

Thanks to the initial numbing cream and numbing solution that Paris Faraji use of all the permanent makeup procedures including Lips Tattooing. Considering the usage of solution, clients will not feel any pain during treatment, even during the procedure of Eye Liner Tattoo

Step Two – Clients get aftercare products and certain sets of instructions which they need to follow for getting the best result. It is compulsory to visit the academy after the completion of 6 weeks for touch-up session. The touch-up session helps in correcting irregularities occur due to the Microblading process. Because the skin heals, peels and fades with time, it is necessary to take touch-up sessions in order to gain the optimal result.

The result of permanent lip make-up treatment lasts for 2 years, but the treatment costs more than temporary lip filler. You may have some question about lip fillers reciprocal to lip tattoo and the answer is yes you can. But, you need to maintain one month gap after you conduct lip tattooing.

Paris Faraji: A Permanent Makeup Academy in Dubai

Paris Faraji, a famous Microblading and permanent makeup expert, believes in enhancing the beauty of a person through its unique and advanced cosmetic treatment. The professional also run permanent makeup institute in Dubai, where young and enthusiastic people can learn the procedure and gain professional certification degree. So far, the professional artist has treated several national and international clients with permanent lip make-up treatment in Dubai. So, for getting fuller and beautiful pout no need to look further than Paris Faraji.

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