Who is Paris Faraji?

Enthusiastic and passionate about beauty, coaching, teaching and still learning more in life inside and outside of her work frame. Learnt from grand masters in the world such as Toni Belfatto, Ina Benon, Jenni Maatta, Selen Shenalp, Sviatoslav Otchenash. She is holding beauty diplomas from various international academies and become a 5-Star trainer of Swiss-Color Academy of Switzerland on 2018. She is attending beauty congresses, seminars and trainings in various countries such as Italy, Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, Dubai, Iran, Germany, Lebanon, UK etc and practicing all she learns in her own Royal Retreat Beauty Center in Dubai-UAE and own training center named Paris Faraji Academy.

She is always seeking opportunities to bring up latest methods, technology and trends in tattoo removal, permanent makeup, paramedical cosmetic tattooing, skin rejuvenation and more from world-known academies such as Swiss Color Swiss, Phi Academy Austria, KB Pro UK, Tony Belfatto Italy, Academy-S, Bio Touch USA, Nouveau Contour Netherlands, Amiea Germany, Tattoo Remoov France, NPM USA and more to offer the best skills and knowledge to her large clientele, her trainees and her team at work.

Vast knowledge and precious experiences for 10+ years of constant practice on more than 9,000 clients and trainees herself and her team in Gulf region make a huge difference in what she is sharing to trainees who are willing to learn and work in same field and region. She is eager to meet skilled and experienced globally known grand masters and seeking to learn their lessons, their experiences and listen to their advises. She never stops traveling to meet talents around the world to bring their developed products and technology to Gulf region for her clients and trainees. She is working directly with doctors and plastic surgeons is an added advantage to her career gathering with more skills in higher levels. This fact is encouraging her to move on exploring new fields in her career.

Sharing generously, loving what she is doing and caring about quality are three remarkable signs of her zodiac (cancer). She is a supportive person who is in love with her ideal clients, team and trainees. She believes life is not about an individual, it is about what that individual does for others. This philosophy differentiates her from many other artists and trainers round the globe, in her coaching and services to each and every client she receives also in day to day life.

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