Scars & Burns

Facial scars and burns are often regarded as the outcome of the injury. Sometimes, surgeries like tummy tuck, hair transplant, breast augmentation, mastectomy and breast reduction can leave scars.  Improper body tattoo removal is another factor leads to scars on various parts of the body. Scars are hard to ignore, however their appearance is easy to improve with the process of micropigmentation scar camouflage and/or microneedling.

Also known as medical tattoos for scars and scar camouflage permanent make-up technique, the cosmetic treatment aims at disguising the scar with fresh tone pigments matching with skin color. Performing such cosmetic procedures is done by dedicated artists that requires advanced knowledge and special technique, professional skills and experience of performing permanent make-up cosmetic procedures on a frequent basis. Fortunately, Paris Faraji possess all qualities along with an eye of perfection for skin tones and colors.

Process of Micropigmentation scar camouflage

The first step of the treatment revolves around detailed consultation with the permanent make-up tattoo artist and her team. During consultation, the team tries to understand the client’s expectations and assess their skin type, medical background, condition and nature of the area requires pigmentation, etc. Because every scar and burn is different in terms of shape, size, color, body location, etc., therefore medical tattooing is not suitable for treating all kinds of scars. Thus, consultation determines the best possible treatment for the client.

Before starting with medical tattooing procedure, microneedling as well as peeling of the scar tissue process is done before to make them prepared for pigmentation. Once the scar tissue is rejuvenated in multiple prior, pigment matching with the skin tone deposited into the outmost layer of epidermis. This process is known as the scar camouflage permanent make-up cosmetic process. It is a kind of medical tattooing for scars. The clients usually experience the best results after taking treatment four to six times..

It may be possible that the clients need to revisit the Paris Faraji clinic couple of year  for retouch session. Reason being, appearance of some scars is easy to treat with a single treatment whereas some require multiple sessions.

From Where to Take Scars Camouflage Treatment

It is a specialized permanent makeup technique not performed in run-of-the-mills tattoo parlors. This special medical tattooing procedure falls under paramedical cosmetic pigmentation and thus it is prudent to bank upon knowledge and experience of professional like Paris Faraji. She performs different kinds of permanent makeup technique at her state-of-the-art Microblading Academy with the support of experienced surgeons. The Academy also offers certified Microblading courses for young aspirants.  So, get ready to lead a scar-free life with scar camouflage treatment.

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