Tattoo Removal

If you are not happy with permanent make-up, tattoo removal technique is there to help you. With the help of medical tattooing, several body parts like eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, breasts, scars, etc., are easy to correct as per client’s requirements. Paris Faraji is one of the most reputed names as tattoo removal make-up artists in Dubai employing the best knowledge and the latest technology to deliver the results meeting clients’ expectations. The experienced professional promises its clients to offer the best tattoo removal services in Dubai at affordable cost with best healed result.

Process of Tattoo Removal

After 30 minutes of numbing the area and sanitization, fine small micro needles penetrating special solution at the original tattoo site on the outmost layer of epidermis. With the help of advanced micro-pigmentation machine, professional applied the bonding agent to the affected area after which the pigment is applied to the skin’s surface. When wrong pigment is used for making semi-permanent tattoo, it often leads to unpleasant results. Incorrect application of lower quality pigment also results in changing the desired shape or position of the injected area. Paris Faraji and her team are expert at removing pigments from any part of the body and help clients in getting rid from unwanted body or cosmetic tattoo.

Benefits of Medical Tattoo Removal Procedures over other Cosmetic Procedures

  • It is a non-laser and non-surgical process of altering the shape, tone and size of several facial and body parts like eyebrows, lips, breasts, cleft lips, etc.
  • A person can experience the desired results in minimum 2 up to multiple sessions.
  • It is cost-effective procedure with no downtime.

Why Paris Faraji?

  • She is one of the most experienced and reliable names in the tattoo removal industry offering cosmetic treatments of the highest standard by employing the advanced machines, equipment and team.
  • She has over a decade’s experience of performing micro-pigmentation and tattoo removal procedures and running tattoo removal certification courses in Dubai, UAE.
  • Paris Faraji along with her trained and professional team performs all permanent make-up removal processes with bespoken results.
  • All the permanent make-up removal treatments aim at improving the quality of life of people.

If you are interested to know how tattoo removal works or your suitability for the procedure, it is necessary to book appointment in advance and discusses the case in detail. The area where tattoo needs to remove, possible complications, etc., are some factors decide the price of medical tattoo removal procedure. Therefore, fix your appointment today only!

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